Top 7 Best Music Player For Android – 2015

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1. Google Play Music

Google play music is one of the best music player available on Google play store for free. We can add up to 50000 music files from our own music collection. We can also download music of our choice from Web. We can also buy new music from Google play store. We can also create our custom radio from our collection. We can access our music without syncing our device. It is available for all android version. Approximately 50 million+ users install this player.
Google Play Music android music player

2. Poweramp Music Player (Paid)

Poweramp Music player is another Android musi c player which is available on Google play store for free. It support all music formats like MP3, WAV, OGG , Mp4 etc. It provide headset support, automatic headset resume, Bluetooth connection support etc. It provide you a trial of 15 days. After 15 days you have to buy it using buy button inside the player. It is compatible with all Android version.We can also set the separate bass and trouble effects.
android Poweramp Music Player

3. MP3 Player

MP3 player is another popular Android music player. It provide easy to use and attractive interface. It support all the sound formats like MP3, Wav, OGG, AAC, OTA etc. We can built our custom list to listen our favorite songs forever and add,remove songs from our list. It also provide you the build in MP3 cutter for making ringtones. It has five band equalizer. It also allow music search from internet. It also provide option to play music album and artist vice.
android MP3 Player

4. Fusion Music Player

Fusion Music Player is another popular Android music player. It provide instant access to online music and also provide option to search online music. It is compatible with all Android version. It support all audio formats. It also provide inbuilt MP3 cutter. It also provide integration with YouTube. We can also share the song which we are listening via Facebook and twitter. It also provide Bluetooth and headset support. Approximately 500000 users install this players.
android Fusion Music Player

5. Laya Music Player

Laya Music player is another widely used Android Music player which is available on Google play store for free. It provide instant access to your music collection in Android device. We can browse and play music by Artist, Album, genres. It support AAC, AMR, FLAC, MIDI, MP3 etc. It provide five band equalizer. It also support additional sound effects like bass, echo, trouble beet etc. It provide support for headset.
android Laya Music Player

6. Sensor Music Player

Sensor Music player is another Android music player. It is freely available on google play store. The player is divided into three tabs. First is library tab to browse our music collection, second is player to control the music playing and add it to various sound effects, control. Third is track list to track the playlist of songs. It provide simple and easy to use interface. It provide smart search bar for music search and download music.
android Sensor Music player

7. Real Music Player

Real Music Player is one of widely used Android player which is available on Google play store for free. It provide you features including Headset, blue-tooth, auto generate playlist, edit playlist, support for music search. We can also add customize skins to player. It also provide social media support for sharing music listening status.
android Real Music Player

So these some best music player apps for android device. We have listed few paid and free music players. In you have any of the best and popular android music player then share it in the comments.

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