How to bypass the bios password without removing the CMOS battery

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Sometimes when you want formatting a computer, surprised password required by the computer to enter the BIOS settings, and you must dis-assembly the computer and remove the CMOS battery that thing might taking a lot of your time. But in this post I will give you a quick way to recover the password for Bios without removing the battery or computer dis-assembly.

We can do that using this website bios-pw, it will let you remove the bios password just follow this simple steps.

When the bios ask you for the password, try 3 times a wrong password until you get a error message like this one on the picture.

Put the code shown on the bios-pw website, you can use your smartphone for that or another computer near to you; then click on get password.

Test all the passwords given,  and Enjoy it.

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