How To Add Flying Twitter Bird To Your Site

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Hello Today i will share this awesome widget trick with you. Using This Widget you can add a flying twitter on your blogger. Just follow below given steps. Don’t forget to share our blog with your friends 🙂

Go To your Index File OF Site

  • Select HTML/Javascript and put below given code and paste it.
  • Change Inkhildarji with your username.
  • Now click Save file


<!– Twitter Bird start trickspedia–>
<script src=’ twitter bird.js’ type=’text/javascript’>
<script type=’text/javascript’>
var twitterAccount = “inikhildarji”;
var tweetThisText = ” <data:blog.pageTitle/>: <data:blog.url/> “;
<span style=’font-size:11px;position:absolute;’/><a href=’’ target=’_blank’ rel=”nofollow” >Twitter Bird Gadget</a>
<!– Twitter Bird end trickspedia–></span>

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