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Hey guys this trick is to create account on Whatsapp using fake international no also u can used to receive call,msg on your virtually created international or  virtual no.

Requirement :
– Android smartphone

Tutorial :
1.install and download Voxox app from play store
2.if u have already app then skip step 1.
3.register or sign in on Voxox through app. go to ‘ More ‘ on top right side corner
Note down your Voxox No. Whatsapp enter your Voxox no which we note in previous step add country code (+1) in whatsapp
6.done,now u successful done process open Voxox u will see that Whatsapp verification code is received in msg box of Voxox. enter this verification code in Whatsapp verification.

Note :
– This tutorial is education purpose. If u miss use this tutorial u r responsible for it.
– u can use this app to receive online msg.
– virtual no given by Voxox is from united state which country code is (+1)
– any problem comment here or u r free to contact us

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